A Window in New York

I saw you today.

A smile in the sunshine that reached your eyes
Black puffer jacket like a New Yorker
In the reflection of a window on 41st Street

I almost didn’t recognize you

Plié au Chocolat tucked neatly in a pastry bag
Sipping hot chocolate in the frigid Manhattan air
While you expertly maneuvered your baby pram amongst the crowds

Hair down
Pointed black flats
Your favorite type of Audrey Hepburn intrigue
A moment, a feeling, you’d probably romanticized for years

You were slower than a local
Yet your pace was confident and quicker than a tourist
As one who can still be overcome with the majesty of it all might be
Like someone who had done this walk a hundred times

Because you had.

“You look like you belong”
Can that really be?

Your edges were defined
Not as blurred as I would have expected
Cheeks flushed and alive
Eyes scanning the way ahead with eager anticipation

I saw your vulnerability
Your fatigue was faintly prevalent
But in that quick momentary glance
All I saw was life being lived

I saw you in the midst of chaos and storm
You were calmer than I ever expected
Confident in your destination
As you teased your husband beside you

Your faithful friend and sturdy shelter

You made me catch my breath
Thank you, God, for these circumstances
These blessings
This life

I’m so glad I saw you in that shop window

I saw you today

I saw myself today


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