Where Does “The Art of Wood Stacking” Come From?

Where does “The Art of Wood Stacking” come from?

It comes from the teachings of my parents.

From an early age, my parents taught us the importance of a positive attitude, good work ethic, and commitment to helping others. From church functions to community events, they provided an example of what it meant to share your time and talent with others. We also learned to find joy in the accomplishment of a job well done.

One of my favorite childhood memories is when we would bring the firewood down from the barn each fall and stack it near the house in the woodshed. My siblings and I would race to see who could stack the fastest. There truly is an art to stacking firewood. You can’t put the rows too close together and you need to keep the ends even so that it doesn’t lean. I loved how, even though the pieces were so different, they all fit together so nicely if you could just figure out where to put them. I’m a person who likes finding ways to make pieces fit together.

Over time I have learned that people are a lot like firewood. Building relationships is a lot like stacking firewood. Each person is different and unique just like wood from varying logs. Yet somehow all those pieces fit together. People from all walks of life can come together to support a community just like pieces of firewood from many different logs can fit together into a solid stack that will provide warmth in the winter.

Sometimes there are life lessons in the simplest of tasks.

My older brother helping Dad out


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