What Spark Do You Need To Rekindle?


Rediscovering Myself Again After College

By Colleen LaPlante

Moving recently has prompted me to go through a lot of childhood and college belongings.  Growing up I was someone who liked to be continuously inspired.  Because of this, I would keep goal lists, notes, pictures, and articles.  I liked to have things around me each day that reminded me of who I was.

Sometimes the little things can spark inspiration and remind us how to be the best version of ourselves.  In the past few months, I have found multiple examples of my creative writing.  Each one was a little gift. What surprised me the most was how good they were! I haven’t been able to write like that for years.  Good grief, how does a Jr. High girl know how to express herself with poise and grace while still painting a clear picture of what she is trying to say?  Have I really lost that much of my ability to effectively communicate?  Not only that, I remember feeling at my best when I would write. I would finish each piece and feel content with life.  I was somehow understood by the world, even if no one would ever read what I had just written.

During my undergrad, classes kept me so busy that writing for fun lost its luster. (A 35+ page, single-spaced paper about aluminum from a business standpoint can do that to a person.)  Now that I am out of school, I am finding all sorts of past enjoyments I’d let fade away.

It is easy to slip into a survival mode when tough days seem to run together.  There were times I stopped caring about what I ate, did for fun, or even looked like. Mac’n cheese was just perfect….with the occasional smuggling of chocolate ice cream into the library for a late night accounting or finance group study session.  Let’s be honest, who had time for fun when they were in the firm grip of finals?  I have to admit, often my “go to” for appearance was minimal makeup, jeans, sweatshirt and a messy bun.  At least I can proudly say I refrained from venturing out into the real world in sweatpants.  It all worked for me.  I had a successful college experience and graduated Magna Cum Laude in a fairly tough business program.

Nevertheless, realizing that I now have time to devote to the passions I thought I left behind has been an eye opening experience.  Practicing my cooking (which according to my husband has always been lovely, but I’ll say that I am enjoying eating it more now!), finding house and decor inspiration, spending time hiking and exploring nature, having time to truly read the Wall Street Journal, and getting bursts of energy to organize our life are all a 180 degrees from where I was during my undergrad.  Not only that, I have had a burning desire to not accept mediocrity with my career and professional life.  I’ve begun working on some projects that I hope will one day become entrepreneurial endeavors.  And of course, I am devoting more time to writing too.

This coming week I will start a continuing education writing class at a local university.

I have a mixture of peace and excitement.  In addition to my class, accepting a remote marketing position in the finance field, reassures me that everything is happening in God’s time.

It starts small but once the ball gets rolling…watch out world!

So what is it that you need to ignite in your life again?  Are you accepting a job or lifestyle because society tells you that’s where you should be at?

Is it time to go through your childhood belongings and remember the things that made your heart sing?  Maybe those things will speak to you once again.



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